Friday, July 31, 2009

Again became mad

What is the extreme happiness?
When you feel your heart is filling with tears, your eyes starts to pour it, you don’t find a reason to be sad, and, u feel the whole world is beautiful than you ever thought, then you are feeling the extreme happiness. Without the last clause, it can be some sadness also. Sometimes I too felt that. Some unknowing reasons were behind that. I know.
But now, am in happiness.
“Thanka kinaavinkal,
Ethoo smarana than,
Thamburu shruthi meeetti nee vannu..” Beautiful, soulful music of Baburaj.
You know,
This single song made me this much happy.
I am writing a post after 1 or 2 month. I know. These days were happy. Good. Beautiful. Full of love. But this was never happened within these time.
You know, how beautiful it is to look the world through the eyes which is fully filled up with love and heart fills up with tears.
Am in a theatre, in the stage, someone showing a piece of art work.
I am beautiful, here, in the lucid fraction of life.