Monday, May 25, 2009

Here,in my room.

I think,
i feel beauty in untidiness. i understud this when i think abt myself. some of my interests, character, evrythng points to there.
i love the long hair which is not combed. i love to make it free, i do this when am in home. when books are not arranged in any order and spread it all over the room, it looks so great.. try it once,u'll feel table contains all most evrythng i use like books, perfumes, oil, comb, gel, stick, gum etc. everythng is spread all over there. but it looks so good.
am in search of God. i donno frm where i got this interest. i hav read a book of malayalam writer M.Mukundan's 'haridwaril manikal muzhanghunnu'. Its a story based on haridwar. That story gves a special feeling. After reading that i was in a dream of haridwar. from there, i reach the stories of hindu ethics, history of india, then osho, budhism, jainism..after go through all these, i reach to find God.
now i have a great wish to go to haridwar. dhakshan's haridwar. the haridwar which sings skandha purana, pathma purana, siva purana.. the place of manasa devi ,anjana devi and all the goddess of hindu ethics..
i feel like hinduism is not a religion. Its the culture of bharatham.Bharathan's bharatham.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Am an 20yr old girl from God's own country. Living in a orthodox family and am a monotheist. i hav comleted ma graduation this year n waiting for the result. I had a lot of dreams(like mount everest), but i feeel like i lost all the courage to attain all that. Now i dont have any plannning about my future studies, job or somethng. I am just keep going with the life. I wrote poems sometimes. I have a lot of mad interests like ..... . I have to go now. Today my college magazine is going to be printed. Last time, they made it a flop, so am in big tension about todays situation, bcoz am this years magazine editor.


Today am starting this blog for a reason.
i wanna let u knw that there is a girl like me also in this universe. i believe everyone have there own distinguished factor within them. but its difficult to understand it. everyone is different, may be in their look, talk, walk or character. i believe am also. i wanna share here 'what is me'. but i donno hw much it become a success. but i'll try. i want to tell this whole world that am also live here.