Monday, September 26, 2011

kottayam - karukachal, 21km

I always loved journeys. travelling long distance, even if the scenes are same. from childhood, i try to make stories about the houses that i pass by, from the persons roamed there. all houses have its own stories. it may be idiotic, but i love to do that. when getting bored of the story creation i start thinking about my stories.

By feeling a very strong love, me and him had planned to get married 3,4 years ago. yeah, that was my teenage. so actually i can understand now what the teenage actually feels. but now, i know that we might have get divorced by now. its not because we dont love, it actually because the lack of time spending together. I know al the facts and situations surrounding us. Because of job, we dont get time as much as we had in our college days. but when the temper is in peak, i really cant remind and understand this. Why why why.????
So i think one should not get married without having a job and without understanding the time which can spend in job days. Understanding matters dude!

There was a time when i had too much stuffs to write. So much bogs, discussions were active at that time. what is happening around me.. may be am getting into myself now. may be others also.
but really missing that days now.

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