Monday, July 11, 2011


When someone asked me to select the way that i like, i always sat with a shameless face. Its been like this always.

I am 22 and everyone think that i should have an aim to which i extend my dreams. But unluckily, i dont have any. It just varies from this to that with any of the surroundings or situations around me.

Sometimes, i love to become a dancer eventhough i dint dance anywhere outside my room. even i cannot named it as a dance. and i love to study moree and more and collect a lot of degrees/certificates eventhough i hate to write exams. what to ddo?.. none will give degrees without writing some stupid exams.

Latest is, to start a restaurant.b'coz my first and foremost interest is to cook and eat. mh.........I love it. and the one hidden fact behind is, even the owners of the restaurants will not be ready to eat the food they serve in my city.Am not telling it about all restaurants. but, around 95%.

ha.. likewise, my interest change from this to that.

Now i've completed my post graduation. But still yet, my life was just flowing. I selected one subject in HS. and then reached a very different topic in graduation. then also, i did my post graduation in a subject i've never thought of till the end of my graduation. I dono how i am like this.. why i spend life like this.. without much try to explore the future, i reached here. so i think, this will continue and i shall reach somewheree i never thought of.

for some 3 days, am feeling pain behind my eyes. One of my friend told me that i shall have to wear specs. I always loved to wear it since my childhood. but before 2,3weeks my friend told me that i'l look bad with specs. so i changed my mind. i dont want it now. mm.. am tensed to go to a eye specialist..i dont want specs...

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